Dennis Hastings


Press Kit

“What I appreciate about Dennis is his desire to perform jazz at the highest level. Unlike most jazz singers, he does a great job of interacting with the other musicians to help the song reach its zenith.  His music, the arrangements and his selection of musicians make Dennis a pleasure to work with.”

– Wayne Bliss
Bassist and engineer at Blissman Studios

“Dennis Hastings has one of those rare voices that is both gritty and lyrical, demonstrating a wide range of sounds and expression. He has tapped in to the great tradition of male jazz singers, but is delightfully original with his quirky new interpretations of jazz standards. Listening to him and performing with him over the years has been one of the great joys of my career.”

– Dr. David Deacon-Joyner
Pianist and head of jazz studies at Pacific Lutheran University

“Smooth, sophisticated and full of life, Dennis Hastings' voice will move you when he delivers an classic standard or a modern favorite.  From Louis Armstrong to Sting, it's all in his wheelhouse.”

– Jack Klitzman
Saxophonist and member of Nearly Dan in Seattle, Washington


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